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92% of UK landlords reference their tenants. OpenRent has made it simple to get an in-depth overview of prospective tenants and their guarantors, with a comprehensive look at their financial status, credit score and risk assessment.

Standalone tenant referencing helps you make sure each applicant is suitable for your property. All you need to start is their name, email address and phone number.

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What we offer

Speedy Reference

One-off payment (per tenant):

£20Inc. VAT

  • 1 Working Day (on average)
  • Credit Check
  • Linked Address, Identity & Fraud Information
  • CCJs, Decrees, and other court information
  • Right to Rent Check Advice
Comprehensive Reference

One-off payment (per tenant):

£20Inc. VAT

  • 3-5 Working Days (on average)
  • Credit Check
  • Linked Address, Identity & Fraud Information
  • CCJs, Decrees, and other court information
  • Right to Rent Check Advice
  • Affordability Rating
  • Previous Landlord Reference
  • Income & Employment Check
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance Eligible

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Rent Now is our professional grade tenancy creation service - it encompasses referencing, contract signing, money handling and deposit registration and brings it all online, into a streamlined and transparent process.

Detailed Referencing Overview:

Comprehensive Referencing Speedy Referencing
Credit check
Credit score obtained from suite of credit agencies (including Experian) - This is a statistical measure of the likelihood of the applicant paying on time
Fraud Checks
Linked Address, Identity & Fraud Information searches
Outstanding debt search
County Court Judgments (CCJs), Decrees and other court information registered over the last six years in the applicant's name
Right to Rent Check Advice
We will help advise on the applicants right to rent, and collect document scans. The landlord, as required by law, then just needs to double check the details in person.
Affordability Rating
We will ascertain, based on the tenants employment and earnings, whether they can afford the rent (or their portion of the rent) on your property.
Rent Guarantee Insurance
Unfortunately, in the light of government plans to suspend evictions during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, our insurance providers have told us they need to suspend sales of rent guarantee products. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and are working urgently with our insurance partners to resolve the situation. If you have any questions, you can call our insurance providers Rentguard on 0113 320 7368.
Rent Guarantee Insurance is offered on all successful comprehensive references.
RGI covers you for any unpaid rent or legal expenses you might incur with this tenancy from just £55 for 6 months, or £89 for 12 months cover. You also get access to a free legal helpline for the duration of your policy to help with any issues as they arise.
from £55
Previous Landlord Reference (if applicable)
If the tenant has a current or previous landlord we will obtain their information and request details to confirm the length of the tenancy, monthly amount, and confirming the tenants paid on time, looked after the property and left on good terms.
Income & Employment Check
If the tenant is employed, we will use independent contact information to contact their employer and obtain details of their employment. This includes, their salary, occupation and length of employment. Where a tenant or guarantor is self-employed, we will use accountant details or bank statements to determine eligibility and provide this summary to the landlord.
Time Taken 3-5 Working Days
(On Average)
1 Working Day
(On Average)
Cost Per Tenant or Guarantor £20 £20
Note: Credit score and other credit based data is only available to applicants who currently live in the UK. Rent Guarantee Insurance can only be offered on tenants who pass all references and have a UK based income, or who have a UK based guarantor.

Industry Best In Class Referencing, backed by unbeatable Rent Guarantee Insurance - Available Now

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