Smart Rent Collection

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Protect yourself and your property

We've handled over £620.6 million in rent and deposit payments for over 4.3 million landlords and tenants.

Never worry about your mortgage payments again. Our automatic Rent Collection reminders and payment monitoring system ensures that tenants pay their rent on time, every time.

With client money protection you can also be safe in the knowledge that your and your tenants' money is always safe.

Smart Rent Collection

Monthly Payment:

£10Inc. VAT

  • Notifies tenants when their rent is due
  • Monitors for and chases late payments automatically
  • Keeps your bank details private
  • Ensures tenants are less likely to fall into arrears
  • Passes funds instantly on to you
  • Provides a digital record of all rent payments made
  • Supports you with Legal and eviction advice - just in case
  • Offers rent guarantee insurance for extra security

Remain compliant with Rent Collection

The government is set to make it mandatory for landlords to keep digital records of tax eligible transactions for their tax return.

Smart Rent Collection not only protects you from arrears with automatic rent reminders, but ensures that you stay fully compliant with your own digital payment dashboard.

Your dashboard provides you with a full history of all rent payments made throughout your tenancy.

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