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Why get RGI?

Rent Guarantee Insurance is available to all OpenRent landlords whose applicants have passed tenant referencing. For just £89 a year, you can have your rental income guaranteed by our insurance scheme, which also pays out for your legal expenses.

Any tenant could suddenly suffer a change of circumstances and no longer be able to pay their rent fully or on time.
But your ongoing costs as a landlord (mortgage, repairs, advertising) will keep adding up.

Rent Guarantee Insurance means you will always be able to rely on your rental income to pay your mortgage and other legal costs as a landlord. It is also known as Legal Expenses & rent Guarantee (LERG) insurance.


OpenRent Landlord

"My tenants suddenly stopped paying their rent..."

When my tenants suddenly stopped paying their rent RGI came to my rescue! It covered the rent I would have lost for around 4 months and also covered my legal costs until I was able to evict the tenants. It's proved a real safety net and I highly recommend it.

For only £55, you can protect yourself like Farzana did.

Our best-in-class Rent Guarantee Insurance with Legal Protection includes cover if your tenants default on rent, along with cover for legal costs, and a legal advice hotline from our experts to help guide you along the way.

Free 14-Day No Quibble Cancellation
6 Months Cover

One-off payment:

£55Inc. VAT

12 Months Cover

One-off payment:

£89Inc. VAT

Legal Expenses & Rental Guarantee Cover

  • Free 14-day no quibble cancellation
  • Up to £3,000 monthly rent guaranteed
  • Up to £25,000 advice/legal cover if eviction required
  • No excess upon a claim
  • Free legal helpline for duration of policy
  • Policy still valid if tenants change (and pass referencing)
  • No need to re-reference tenants if policy is renewed and AST remain the same

Underwritten by:

£15.4 billion worth of property insured by our broker

Protect your rent today.

Free 14-Day No Quibble Cancellation

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