About You

We are looking for a junior software developer - someone who can deliver new software solutions to users daily, thrives on problem solving challenges, and is passionate about solving real-world problems.

As a junior or graduate engineer, you'll be expected to have some knowledge of web development and excellent software engineering and algorithms knowledge.

You will be joining a small, focused team of problem solvers, working directly with our tech-focused founders. That means a company that understands programmers, and knows how to deliver quality software. Being a small team means we can move quickly, and get lots done.

About Us

With a ban on admin fees, and a focus on fairness, OpenRent is a force for good in an industry often tarnished by rip-off agencies. With an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any other agency in the UK. Operating nationwide, there are over 3.9 million OpenRenters - with tens of millions renting in the UK (and many more abroad!) the opportunity is huge and we continue to grow rapidly, breaking new records every month.

OpenRent is very much of the startup mindset, a close-knit team looking for stellar growth and to transform an industry. When you make a change to the OpenRent code base, you're affecting the real lives of millions of tenants and landlords across the UK - this is a job with a big impact, and big reward.

About The Role

We expect everyone at OpenRent to have a good understanding of product, dive into customer development issues, and come up with simple / novel / unique (whatever fits the requirement) solutions to the problems our users face every day. We're revolutionising the lettings industry, and it takes constant creative thinking and problem solving to do that effectively.

Although we are language-agnostic when looking for candidates, our current tech stack includes:

  • C# 10+ (we always upgrade to latest)
  • ASP.NET Core, EF Core
  • SQL Server
  • HTML/Razor, SCSS/CSS, TypeScript/Javascript
  • ML.NET, Elasticsearch, AWS (S3/Route53/EC2/Cloudfront), and much more
  • Continuous Deployment

We have dedicated front-end developers in the team to support our full-stack and back-end engineers - so you'll have support on UX/UI if and when required.

As an engineer, you'll be expected to turn your customer solutions into code, and not only deliver on the promise of turning a problem into a solution, but into something that seems obvious once it becomes used by millions of people nationwide. Before OpenRent, it was normal to rent a property by visiting the high street, signing paperwork in an office, and paying crazy high fees - not so any more - and now we're working on re-shaping the industry so that in 5 years it's barely recognisable from where we are today.

  • Core hire into our development team
  • Industry experience preferred but not necessary. Happy to work with a smart, focused, and eager to learn graduate
  • Learn from an exceptional and experienced development team - whilst still having a huge impact
  • C# competency, or the ability to pick it up quickly, is required
  • Opportunity to craft a role to your desire, and make company wide decisions
  • Dedicated to the cause of dramatically improving the rental market

We are looking for superstars (like you!) to join the company, help us take over the industry, and share in our success

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you received funding?

    We run OpenRent at a profit, but also have backing from some of the largest VCs in the world. As such, we have an extremely solid foundation to build from.

  • What will I be working on?

    In a broad sense, whatever is best for our users - but the direction comes from our developers and core team. From utilising our massive data set and machine learning to improve the experience on site, to building a greenfield solution for a new product, or simply iterating our current product - we're building a scalable, lovable platform for millions of people.


  • Location: London
  • Working hours: Full Time
  • Salary: £30k – £45k
  • Equity: 0.00% - 0.25%
  • Bonus: Paid Quarterly

OpenRent Benefits

  • Work alongside supportive, high-performing colleagues
  • Monthly team events
  • Weekly team lunches
  • Holidays encouraged (seriously)
  • Company pension
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free office drinks + snacks
  • Weekly yoga sessions
  • In-office massage
  • Annual company away weekend
  • Work in the bright OpenRent office in Brixton (lots of great lunch options nearby!)
  • Build your own machine (if desired!)
  • The genuine ability to add to this list...

Apply for the role

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